Holding Awareness Programs To The Public

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In today’s day and age, there are several common issues that the general public are either unaware of, or do not know enough of. It could be issues ranging simply from social issues, international relations to more complicated health issues. In certain areas, you find the people with most risk to being prone to these issues are the ones with the least knowledge about it. Hence, as informed individuals it falls on our hands to bring these issues to the attention of others.

PlaceFirst and foremost, you need to ensure that the place or places you’ll be holding these awareness programmes are appropriate. Take into account things such as educational level, how many people you’re to expect, your target audience and most importantly, the issue you are to inform them about. Whether you select a rural area or an area in the middle of the city, the main aim should be that the message is correctly communicated and understood by the target audience.

PresentationWhen presenting your knowledge, make sure the slides you use and the words in it don’t include too much of jargon and difficult words. You need to remember you’re communicating with the general public and have to use simple and easy language to pass on the message in an effective manner. Use pictures and videos along with your presentation and make use of a human skull for sale if the issue revolves around this. Don’t make the presentation a boring one, as it has to catch the attention of everyone there.

LeafletsTo accompany the presentations or video tutorials you have already prepared, make or print leaflets that include all the points discussed, but in a shorter and easier way to understand. This is the greatest way to get the message across, as they will read the leaflet once they get home and pass it around people they know, thus increasing awareness in doing so. Add in a small catchy motto to the leaflet; one that is related to the issue, this is bound to stick in the minds of the audience even more!

Question and answer sessionThis session has to be the highlight of your programme. This is where the audience get the answers to their questions and clarify all the doubts they may have. Make sure you have enough people with the sufficient knowledge and time, to answer these questions and make use of their injection simulator mannequin to further clarify any confusion the audience may have. These are a few tips to help you and your team with your awareness programme to the general public.